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Address: #18 Bonifacio Street, ABCR Barangay, Baguio City, Philippines

About Us



“Education For All in the Spirit and Atmosphere of Justice, Truth, and Equity in a Democracy”

The vision of Baguio Central University strives for Educational Excellence and Education for All. Four BCU ideals for students are Liberty, Justice, Truth and Equity. These guide us in providing the necessary training and skills for the whole individual, so they can be productive citizens, contributors to the Philippines in their respective countries, and the international community



“To Endeavour for Excellence in Human Development”

Baguio Central University is an institution dedicated to educational Excellence in all its programs of study in accordance with all regulations of the Commission of Higher Education.

  • It aims to nurture the development of the whole individual inculcating Philippines values, strengthening the person character, moral and intellectual development.
  • It is open to all Philippine students who wish to learn and achieve primary, secondary, tertiary and high levels of education, including highly specialized area of studies.

It aims to provide the necessary education – the training and skills of people to become productive contributors to the Philippines; to their respective countries and the International community.


We regard excellence as our top priority in order to teach, disseminate, and to conserve the truth under all circumstances.


  1. To develop inner-directed, well-integrated, mature personalities, characterized by open-mindedness, tolerance and willingness to accept others and work peacefully with them
  2. To cultivate habits of honest, clear, constructive and critical thinking, the ability to think for ourselves and exercise sound judgment, enhance aesthetic and foster habits of industry, temperature, and devotion to duty.
  3. To nurture a sound mind and a sound body by cultivating an appreciation for wholesome recreation and the principle of sportsmanship.
  4. To encourage, by precept and example, the development of courtesy as social graces.
  1. To provide opportunities and incentives for relevant scholarship and research by using the academic resource of the University for local, national, and international needs
  2. To cultivate respect for the best, which man has thought, discovered, preserved, and performed. We want to foster an appreciation for music, literature, and other fine arts to meet the needs of an educated person. We want to encourage the talented to develop their gifts and contribute creatively to the enrichments of the arts.
  3. To give due recognition to the dignity and importance of labor and to offer quality training in all vocations in which theory and craftsmanship complement each other.
  1. To foster respect for professional integrity, ethics, and good workmanship.
  2. To assist students in attainment of competency and proficiency in their chosen professions or vocations.
  3. To instill habits of professional growth and development.
  4. To encourage dissemination of ideas, observations and findings from research through writing for publications, participations in professional deliberations, resource speakers, consultants or advisers.
  1. To develop an intelligent and positive nationalism and encourage constructive involvement in nation building.
  2. To inculcate high regard for democratic progress, consideration for the opinions of the minority, respect for the rights of individuals and commitment to the responsible exercise of freedom.
  3. To develop informed, responsible, and alert citizens whose active participation in human needs, orientation to service, sensitivity to human needs, and adherence to principle of personal and national discipline.
  4. To fill the role of “loyal opposition” to fiscalize the activities of those in power and to offer alternatives for improving the social, economic, and political affairs of society, locally, nationally, and internationally.



  1. We aim to nurture the development of the individual by inculcating Filipino values, which strengthen character, moral and intellectual development
  2. We aim to open our institution to all students, Filipinos or foreigners, who wish to learn and achieve primary, secondary, tertiary and highest levels of education.
  3. We aim to provide the necessary training and educational skills for the students to become productive and to be contributors to the Philippines and to the rest of the world.
  4. The BCU Administration, faculty, and personnel are committed to equipping students with quality higher education by adhering to our specific mission statements.
  5. Our banner is the seal of Baguio Central University. The eagle, large and powerful, with its strength to soar up high as leading country in Asia.
  6. Our university colors are gold and maroon. Gold radiates wealth in knowledge, wisdom, and high morals. Maroon stands for regeneration, personal development, and growth.