The Baguio Central University(BCU) strictly abides by the directives of the Inter-agency Task Force to curb the effects of COVID-19. In this regard, BCU issues the following guidelines to be observed by all its employees and learners for health prevention strategies and alternative work arrangements that may still ensure the delivery of quality instruction:

1. All scheduled academic and non-academic activities remain suspended; these will be correspondingly re-scheduled when classes resume;
2. All academic requirements given on-line or thru group chats by the faculty shall be submitted in hard/soft copies when classes resume;
3. All faculty are requested to be lenient or considerate in accepting student outputs, assignments and/or other subject requirements when classes resume;
4. Final exams, defenses, comprehensive exams, enrollment and start of classes in the Graduate School for 2020 Summer Term shall also be re-scheduled correspondingly when classes resume;
5. Undergraduate faculty who have administered their midterm exams but left their exam papers,class records, etc. in school/faculty rooms when classes in all levels were suspended starting March 13 and subsequently, the implementation of ECQ in the entire Luzon, will be given ample time for the submission of the midterm grades; likewise to the Basic Education teachers;
6. Always stay informed for government advisory. Let us cooperate, follow regulations so that our government can address the COVID-19 crisis to the fullest;
7. Stay home, be safe and healthy. Share only to friends the official and correct information to avoid the spread of fake news;
8. Please watch for the issuance of supplementary advisory.

Vice President for Administration