Baguio Central University Performing Arts Program

Dedicated to the development of the whole person, the Baguio Central University offers a strong and diverse program in the performing arts. The Performing Arts Group includes the BCU CHAMBER CHOIR, and BCU DANCE TROUPE (MODERN AND CULTURAL). Whether in a studio or on stage, BCU provides opportunities for students to explore their creative talents in a rich variety of venues.

The same high standards that are found in the traditional academic realm can also be found in singing and dancing. Each of these arts enriches the mind of our students and enhances our entire community.



The Baguio Central University offers this grant to students currently enrolled in the Senior High School/College level. The following rules for eligibility are observed by the office:                                   

  1. The students must have a general weighted average of 80% for the applicants who are fresh graduates from Junior High school or high school graduates who have not yet enrolled in college.
  2. Applicants who are already enrolled in college and are interested to be part of the performing arts must not have incurred FAILING, DROPPED (DRP) and NO GRADE (NG) in the semester preceding the application. In case of an INCOMPLETE (INC) and/or a NO FINAL EXAMINATION (NFE) marks, the student must show proof that s/he has completed his/her INC and NFE grade/s.
  3. Transferees are allowed to audition provided they have a weighted average of 80% with no failing grades in the previous semester;
  4. Students who are enrolled in courses that have on-the-job trainings or practicum are disqualified from being members of the Performing Arts group because it may affect his/her obligation to the performing arts and to his/her on-the-job-training or practicum.
  5. The students must demonstrate artistic ability and interest as manifested in auditions, practices, etc.
  6. The students will be given parent consent forms once accepted.


  1. The concerned Performing Arts adviser shall review the submitted documents of applicants.
  2. Those who passed the initial screening shall be notified of audition schedules. Those who pass the audition shall be notified of their entry to the Performing Arts group.
  3. The concerned Performing Arts adviser shall be the head of a screening committee composed of him/ her and senior members of the group.
  4. The new member shall commence training with the concerned group at a date to be specified by the coordinator.
  5. The criteria for the screening are the following:           



(Creativity, Artistry, Style and Originality)



(Timing and Coordination, Projection and Expression)






Musicality ( Pitch, Artistry,  Tonal Quality)


Vocalization and  Tone Identification


Choice of Piece/Song





Scholarship for New Members

  1. The scholarship is given to students who pass the screening and audition. However, they shall be categorized as trainees on their first semester and shall be given a maximum of 50% Tuition Fee (TF) scholarship. Members from the Senior High School shall be granted a 100% Tuition Fee (TF) scholarship.
  2. All trainees shall be obliged to pay the required down payment (net of discount) upon enrollment.


  1. The scholarship percentage/discount shall be on tuition fees (TF) only. Members from Senior High School shall be granted a maximum of 100% Tuition Fee and shall be required to pay the requisite miscellaneous and other applicable fees.
  2. Scholarship percentage/discount, as based on their evaluation, shall take effect on the following semester/s.
  3. The scholar shall pay for units failed or dropped when he/she enrolls some subject/s. Scholar who incur failing grades for two consecutive semesters shall be allowed to enroll a maximum of 21 units. Should the member incur failed or dropped subjects in the succeeding semester, will not be recommended for the following semester. If the students incur 2 failing subjects, the students will be removed from the performing arts group in order for him/her to focus on his/her studies.



  1. Performance evaluation and recommendation of the scholar by the immediate adviser is on a semester basis.
  2. To stay in the Performing Arts, the scholar will be evaluated every semester.
  3. The University has the right to forfeit the grant of the grantee anytime based on the following:
    • Violations of conditions covered by this grant;
    • Policies set by the his/her respective Performing Arts group; and
    • Violation of school regulations as stated in the University Student