Celebrating her success and achievements at RISE 2024, Grad School Dean Genevieve B. Kupang receives a certificate of recognition for winning double honors: Best Presenter and Best Paper for her research on women peacebuilders. She poses with Executive Chair Dr. Roger Martinez and Conference Chairs Dr. Rosalie Rosales and Dr. Darwin Quintos. Photo credit: The Chronicles

Dr. Genevieve Balance Kupang, Dean of the Graduate School at Baguio Central University (BCU), achieved both Best Presenter and Best Paper at the World Citi Colleges (WCC) Aeronautical & Technological College (ATC) RISE 2024: ICREATE International Conference on May 29, 2024. Kupang’s dedication extended beyond her leadership role as both the lead convenor for the BCU contingent and as co-host of the conference. Her research presentation, “Weaving Narratives of Integrative Intelligences: Lived Experiences and Impact of Award-Winning Women Peace-Builders,” garnered prestigious recognition, securing her the Best Presenter and Best Paper awards in the session on Educational Technology, Social Studies, Arts & Humanities. Back in 2018, she also won an award for her research presentation at the St. Paul Education Ministry (SPCEM) National and International Conference, where she presented the study titled “Valuable Approaches to Teaching World Religions: Building Bridges Towards Harmonious Co-Existence.”

Atty. Marc Salvador B. Vedaña commends Kupang's presentation. He is joined by evaluator Prof. Darwin M. Jugulon and panel session chair Dr. Kristine Tamayo. Photo Credit: The Chronicles

Kupang’s research delves into the experiences of women peacebuilders recognized by Pathways to Peace through their “Exceptional Women of Peace Awards” program. The study sheds light on their innovative approaches, driven by a vision of social justice, to promote positive peace through community empowerment and solution-oriented storytelling. Thematic analysis revealed the significance of integrative intelligence employed by these women to navigate complex situations and foster collaboration. Their perseverance in the face of gender barriers, further strengthened by their collaborative spirit and shared celebration of achievements, serves as a powerful testament to their unwavering commitment. Kupang’s research underscores the critical need to support women peacebuilders and cultivate a more inclusive environment for their vital contributions to building sustainable peace.

On behalf of BCU President Dr. Margarita Cecilda Rillera, Dr. Kupang, the lead convenor for the BCU contingent, receives the Certificate of Recognition for Baguio Central University as a co-host institution for RISE 2024: ICREATE
Representing BCU, Dr. Kupang poses with leaders of co-host institutions, 2nd day plenary speaker Dr. Paul DoungTran as well as the executive chair and chairs of RISE 2024: ICREATE

Aligning with a Global Calling

Kupang’s research transcends insightful findings. It demonstrably aligns with significant global and national efforts towards peace and equality. The study directly supports and aligns with: 1) UN SDG 16 (Peaceful, Just and Inclusive Societies). By promoting women’s agency in peacebuilding, Kupang’s work contributes to a more peaceful world. 2) UN SDG 5 (Gender Equality). The research highlights the crucial role of women in peacebuilding efforts, advocating for gender equality. 3) E.O. 273 – Philippine Plan for Gender-Responsive Development (Women’s Empowerment). Kupang’s work champions women’s empowerment, echoing this national initiative. 4) E.O. 570 – Institutionalizing Peace Education in Basic Education and Teacher Education. The study reinforces the importance of peace education, resonating with this executive order. And 5) Kupang’s research embodies BCU’s Core Values Equitas, Justitia, Veritas, Libertas (equity, justice, truth, and liberty).

Leading by Example with Gratitude

Dr. Genevieve Balance Kupang leads by example as a professor, researcher, community extension volunteer, and producer of research and creative works (RCW) like books and articles. Her achievements serve as an inspiration to graduate students, faculty, and her organizations. Her double win is a testament to her dedication to excellence, social good, and the commitment to inspiring others. There’s a deep sense of spiritual celebration in achieving this recognition after great sacrifice and rigorous research.

This achievement is not hers alone. Kupang expresses her heartfelt gratitude to Baguio Central University, where she serves as Dean and BCU’s Representative for Internationalization, as well as to Pathways to Peace and the World Council for Curriculum and Instruction, both NGOs of the United Nations, where she serves with unwavering passion.


Gratitude for Collaborative Success

Feeling joyful, Dr. Kupang poses with her student presenters Agustina Cayat and Camella Mae Mangili. They are joined by GS Faculty & Dean of CBA, Dr. Janice Alejandrino, and Conference Chair, Dr. Rosalie Rosales

Kupang echoed Dr. Margarita Cecilda B. Rillera, BCU’s President, who emphasized the transformative power of collaboration in her address. Kupang and the BCU team returned with fresh perspectives inspired by the conference. BCU is deeply grateful to the co-host institutions, whose collaboration aligns with UN Sustainable Development Goal #17 – “Partnerships for the Goals.” Heartfelt gratitude was expressed to WCC Aeronautical and Technological College and the co-hosting institutions for their pivotal role in making RISE 2024: ICREATE a success. She shares Dr. Rillera’s immense pride in BCU’s deans, faculty members, and students for their active participation, acknowledging that their support was essential to achieving this honor.

Kupang extends her sincere thanks to the President, the Board of Trustees, and the entire BCU community, including vice presidents, deans, faculty, students, and staff, for their unwavering support and collective efforts towards these initiatives. She highlights that their dedication and collaborative spirit have been instrumental in making this event a resounding success, reflecting BCU’s commitment to excellence and innovation.

She underscores the significance of such partnerships in advancing mutual goals and fostering an environment of shared learning and growth. Kupang reiterates Dr. Rillera’s call to harness diverse perspectives to spark groundbreaking ideas and drive transformative change, emphasizing the importance of unity and collaboration in achieving the conference’s objectives.

The RISE 2024: ICREATE Book of Abstracts cover design features logos of all host institutions. Credit: Books Beyond Publication.
The BCU delegates pose with Sir Karl Matthieu Rillera, BCU’s Marketing Officer, and BCU Board of Trustees Secretary and Treasurer Oscar Rillera, MBA, who took this picture. They are grateful for the all-out support, from the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding to the Conference Day.

This is the fourth in a series of articles covering the RISE 2024: ICREATE conference.


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