BPED Major conducts seminar on mental health

BPED Major conducts seminar on mental health

Ruby Rose G. Kimayong


October 25th – the Bachelor of Physical Education (BPED) from the College of Teacher Education and Liberal Arts (CTELA) held a seminar about mental health with the theme “Self-Awareness and Understanding Stress” at the Baguio Central University Function Hall.

The resource speaker of the seminar was Ms. Judith R. Adina, the head of both the guidance service office and the Peer Facilitator and Mental Health Advocate Organization (PF-MHAO).

The students were asked to write their expectations in the seminar-workshop. Afterward, the proper discussion began in which Adina connoted, “Mental health is coming from us”. She discussed the ways to know one’s self, strategies for improving self-awareness, and self-awareness skills. Further, she shared about understanding stress; kinds of stress; causes of stress; consequences of stress; constituents of stress; conditions leading to burn-out, its symptoms; and effects of managing stress.

She ended her talks by sharing “Isang Dosenang ‘S’ Iwas Stress Advocate” which is the main highlight of the seminar-workshop. This includes self-awareness; smile; spirituality; sports; scheduling; speaking to yourself; stress debriefing; sounds and songs; social; sensation techniques; stress reduction-relaxation exercises; and siesta.