CCJE deploys 23 interns

CCJE deploys 23 interns

Ruby Rose G. Kimayong


The College of Criminal Justice (CCJE) deployed 23 interns headed by Dean Ramon D. Kindapan at Baguio Central University.

The deployment of the interns is a requirement for the on-the-job training (OJT) program completing 270 hours for the first semester of the academic year in the said university.

According to Dean Kindipan, in the old curriculum, the internship should be the senior student’s last subject to take.

However, because of the pandemic, consideration was given. During the first strike of the pandemic, the internship took place inside the university due to the health protocol whereas, the deployment of interns outside is not yet allowed. With the approval of the university, the interns helped with ensuring the health protocols while following the safety protocols.

“Narigat idi. Even the other schools, nagsuffer met, isunga tatta, bumabawi kami (It was too difficult way back then. Even other schools suffer, that’s why we are catching up today).” Dean Kindipan said.

All the interns are rendering their services with all the campuses of the university because of the Covid-19 situation. Although, by the next semester, they will be rendering their service in the barangays for their community immersion.

The deployed interns are Jaworski G. Amping, Vince Joshua A. Bantasan, Faye Jamaica D. Cariño, Jhon Nicholle C. Carvajal, Jonnie Ann C. Dalayon, Gerald B. Dawagan, Laura Stephanie E. Gulla, Brent M. Lay-os, Lawrence W. Layugan, Gladys T. Litawen, Lawrence F. Lunas, John Earl Joshua T. Manodom, Harold Henry C. Marcelino, Christian P. Martin, Marife G. Pengla, Jay Harold G. Perea, Mary Joy P. Pihet, Elanie B. Pucnid, Zuriel Karnain B. Pugong, Virgilio J. Rosal Jr., Jethro Q. Sublino, Sheena B. Tanduyong, and Alvirey L. Tumbali.

The OJT is expected to end on December 15, 2022.

“We expect na sila rin ang mag-iintern sa second semester. Because the prerequisite of internship 2 is internship 1. Internship 1, first semester, internship 2, second semester.” Dean Kindipan added.