CHTM: a-MAY-zing Dining Experience

by: Angelo A. Bayacsan, MBA | Photo Credits: MIS Office


The College of Hospitality and Tourism Management’s Fundamentals in Food Service Operations students created an incredible event on May 15, 2024, called “a-MAY-zing Dining Experience,” which was held at Margarita Joven Fernandez Hall. The event’s goal is to guarantee that students will, upon completion, uphold industry standards, promote customer satisfaction, assure service quality, bolster problem-solving abilities, and enhance skill development. Having the experience in the real world is invaluable in the hospitality sector. It fills the knowledge gap between theory and practical application, guaranteeing that those working in the hospitality industry are competent, flexible, and able to provide great services. This guarantees that industry requirements are continuously followed and also improves consumer satisfaction.

Before the actual service started, Mr. Angelo Bayacsan, the course facilitator, gave short orientation to students before the event started.

Alongside with the College Dean of Hospitality and Tourism Management, Ms. Jocelyn B. Ang is the Vice President for Academic Affairs, Dr. Elma D. Donaal, Vice President for Adminstration, Dr. Perfecto M. Lopez together with the College Dean of Engineering, Engr. Onofre Rillera, grabbed the opportunity to share thoughts while enjoying their dining.

Supportive Parents!

We are grateful for the unwavering support and love of this amazing mother who attended the event and to witness how her daughter performs. Your encouragement and belief in our students make all the difference. Thank you for being their biggest cheerleaders and guiding lights.