“Equip globally competitive graduates responding to the contemporary demands and future challenges.”


Produce graduates in a dynamic global environment through mastery of skills and competencies needed in a changing society. 


  1. Provide relevant programs geared towards the development of mentors and leaders in the higher education;
  2. Develop graduates who are highly driven, talented, globally competitive, research-oriented and value laden;
  3. Collaborate and create linkages with affiliated educational institutions to provide better community services;
  4. Demonstrate an in-depth understanding of the pedagogies, disciplines, and flexible perspective to deal with curricular changes and innovations.


  1. To provide proactive programs to ensure quality education;
  2. To adopt curricular activities that enhances students’  skills and capabilities;
  3. To develop relevant public-private partnerships geared towards active community involvement;
  4. To design learning experiences anchored on the institution’s core values;
  5. Manifest higher level thinking and creativity through quality research-oriented activities and field-based opportunities.

Programs Offered

• Bachelor of Elementary Education
• Bachelor of Secondary Education
Major in: General Science, English, Filipino,
Mathematics, Values Education

• Bachelor of Culture & Arts Education
• Bachelor of Physical Education
• Bachelor of Early Childhood Education