Engineering stud win bridge building competition

The 2nd invitational bridge competition which was sponsored by Philippine Institution of Civil Engineering (PICE) headed by Engr.Cargil T. Gilfilan was held October 19 at the university’s function hall.

The University of the Cordilleras and the University of Baguio were among the contestants.

The contestants of the University were Harley B. Langoy, Clarence T. Khita, Jose E. Mangonon Jr., Erick Jefferson A. Pitelan and Janmer Louie J. Perez.

The goal for efficiency test was to create a bridge that can carry a larger amount of load by the bridge itself with the least amount of materials used for building the bridge.

The group built a bridge weighing 133 grams that can carry a load up to 3181.69 grams. Upon dividing the load by weighing the efficiency test, the group garnered 23.92 grams which made them win.

The participants from the University of Baguio reaped the third place and achieved the aesthetic award for having the best appearance and best looking bridge chosen by the PICE presidents.

The winners will represent the school in the National Bridge Building Competition this coming November in Baguio City.