Enrollment Schedule for Short Term A.Y. 2019-2020 (Undergraduate Programs and Graduate Programs)

For online registration and subjects offered just follow this link: or
The University will follow the guidelines set by the Commission on Higher Education(CHED) COVID ADVISORY No.7, dated May 24, 2020. As stipulated in Section A.1.b
A. On HEI Operations and Work Arrangements
1. In areas under ECQ, MECQ, and GCQ, HEIs are advised to observe the following guidelines:
b. For HEIs which intend to offer summer classes, midterm and/or midyear intercession shall only be for the following students: (i) GRADUATING STUDENTS who need to complete their academic requirements; (ii) students whose subjects are scheduled in the summer under the PSG of their degree program and; (iii) STUDENTS TAKING GRADUATE STUDIES;
Baguio Central University shall employ the Flexible Learning option of delivering instruction.Online, Offline, and/or Both
Start of Enrollment: June 8, 2020
Start of Classes: June 15, 2020
If you opted to Enroll personally.
Baguio Central University Bonifacio Campus will be open 8:00AM – 3:00PM Monday-Friday Only.
Please follow health protocols upon entering the University premises. Wearing of face mask and maintaining Physical distancing is strictly enforced. Limited number of persons may only enter the University at time.
For more information and clarification you can contact us.
Registrar’s Office: (074)444-9247, Email:
Accounting Office: (074)422-1681, Email: