Glitter and Glamour at the CTELA Pageant 2023

Baguio Central University’s eagerly awaited College of Teacher Education and Liberal Arts (CTELA) Pageant 2023 proved to be captivating spectacle, unfolding as a sensational extravaganza

that showcased the exceptional beauty and talent of six (6) outstanding pairs. Held at the Magsaysay Campus auditorium on November 8, 2023 from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM. The pageant mesmerized the audience with enchanting performances spanning six categories.

Throughout the day, the candidates, including Jomari Arjie P. Cruz (Candidate No. 2) and Zhwitzel Rjlhyne A. Perez (Candidate No. 6), exhibited remarkable talent and charisma, dominating segments such as Production Number, School Uniform Attire, and Sportswear. Dazzling in Evening Attire, specifically Neil L. Lacanaria (Candidate No. 4) and Zhwitzel Rjlhyne A. Perez (Candidate No. 6), not only impressed with grace and beauty but also showcased exceptional intelligence in the Question –and – Answer segment.

The Talent Portion held in the morning, left the audience in awe with a diverse display of skills, leading to the meticulous selection of winners by an esteemedpanel of judges. Neil L. Lacanaria claimed the coveted title of Mr. CTELA 2023, representing Bachelor in Elementary Education, while Zhwitzel Rjlhyne A. Perez, representing Bachelor in Secondary Education major in English emerged as the Ms. CTELA 2023. The event, celebrating both beauty and academic achievements, underscored its resounding success as a true showcase of brilliance, a testament to the dedication and hard work of the candidates, judges and organizers at Baguio Central University’s glamorous night of excellence.