The Student Services Office (SSO) is located at the 3rd floor, Rm. M303, Bonifacio Campus, Annex Building. The office is open from Mondays to Saturdays from 8:00 o’clock to 12: 00 in the morning and 1:00 o’clock to 5:00 o’clock in the afternoon.

The SSO supervises, regulates and guides the operation of all recognized student organizations and activities. Committed to the furtherance of the cultivation of the mind, the heart and the spirit, the SSO assists and supervises students in their participation in co-curricular activities on and off-campus.

Moreover, this office ensures that the objectives of the various organizations are in accordance with the University vision, mission and objectives. It develops the managerial and leadership potentials of students, encourages student involvement in co-curricular activities and initiates activities for them as well. It is also tasked with approving the application for recognition of new student organizations, accrediting existing organizations, evaluating student leaders on matters affecting their organizational operations.


The Guidance Services Office is located at the 3rd floor, Rm. M303 of the Bonifacio Campus, Annex Building. This said office is open from Mondays to Saturdays from 8:00 o’ clock to 12:00 in the morning and 1:00 o’ clock to 5:00 in the afternoon.

The Guidance Services Office seeks to provide the appropriate assistance to help students and other members of the academe in their academic, behavioral and social growth while in the University. It aims to instill awareness and understanding of their emotional, social, intellectual, spiritual and personal development enabling them to cope with the demands of life. This is realized through its counseling (telecounseling/face-to-face counseling), information (on Facebook/Messenger), placement, and testing services (on a face-to-face basis).Varied programs are designed in furtherance of the services rendered by the office, to include: the University’s counselling program, student advocate in the school setting, assess and interprets student’s behaviors as it provides developmental guidance lessons. Moreover, the Guidance Services Office conducts seminars and workshops on mental health, employment opportunities, career pathing, etc. to ensure adjustment satisfaction to personal and academic demands.

Information Services

This service provides certain kinds of information not ordinarily provided through the instructional program

Individual Inventory Services

This service is designed to gather all reliable data, information and records, and to assemble and compile these materials for their functional use.

Counseling Services

The heart and center of the guidance services, it is designed to assist individual students or a group toward better understanding of himself and his environment

Testing Services

This service uses standardized psychological test results, values, attitudes, and the evaluation of the basic guidance services at the end of the year.

Career and Placement Services

These services are geared towards providing assistance to students by providing them with alternatives to make intelligent choices in their professional fields of endeavour.

Research and Evaluation Services

This service consist of the conduct of researches on students psychological test results, values, attitudes and the evaluation of the basic guidance services at the end of the school year.

Extension and Linkages Services

The school shall pursue extension service program, activities, and projects that will enable the school to establish linkage and network with the industries.

Psychological Testing Program

Graduate School enrollees, freshmen and transferee students are required to take a diagnostic examination which will help teachers identify what students know and can do in different domains to support their students’ learning. For the undergraduate courses, first year and second year students are to take IQ test which is necessary in determining a student’s potential for learning and in identifying areas where they might require additional support. Also, third year and fourth year/graduating students are to take personality test which will help students learn about their strengths, tendencies, weaknesses applicable to their workplace and future career paths they can pursue.


The Guidance Services Office of Baguio Central University provides students with basic information about the world of work. We coordinate with the different agencies and companies for possible employment to both government and non-government. Moreover, the guidance office assists students in finding a part-time job/scholarship for students to support their studies.

Guidelines of BCU Student Assistantship Program

The Guidance Services Office is in charge of the recruitment of Student Assistants and Student Marshals (SASMO).


1. Applicant for student assistants should belong to low-income family but is deserving.

2. Incoming student/presently enrolled at Baguio Central University.

3. Upon application, he/she must have no failing grades or dropped subjects in the previous semester.

4. Not been subjected to any disciplinary action.


1. The announcement will be available on the bulletin board and Facebook page of the Guidance Office.

2. An applicant is required to submit the following documents at the Guidance Office:

a. Latest grades/SHS Card

b. Birth Certificate

c. Resume

d. Application Letter

e. Certificate of Good Moral Character

f. Recent 2×2 Picture

g. Income Tax Return of Parents/Certificate of Low Income from the barangay

3. The SASMO coordinator/adviser will interview the SA applicant.

4. Prospective qualified SA applicant is endorsed to the requesting office for a final interview and will undergo 1 week training at the Guidance Services Office.

5. Candidate student assistants with satisfactory training are deployed to offices concerned.

6. The newly hired SA will proceed with his/her enrolment.

7. Enrolment form to be acknowledged by his/her immediate supervisor by placing SA’s duty hours and supervisor’s signature.

8. The SASMO Coordinator will affix her signature and confirm the units enrolled (18 units for semester and 6 units for summer).

9. A photocopy of the enrolment form given at the accounting office for tuition fee deduction will be submitted at the guidance office.


1. Free tuition fee

2. Discounted Miscellaneous fee

3. Monthly allowance

4. Six (6) days leave after one (1) year of service. Schedule of leaves will depend on the recommendation of the immediate supervisor.