Enabling global excellence in hospitality and tourism education, accessible to diverse individuals, and fostering skilled, ethical, and innovative future professionals.


Nurture and equip students comprehensively to excel in the industry with the necessary knowledge, skills, and attitudes to be globally competitive and holistic graduates.


Holistic Formation and Development

Organizational Stability, Adaptability and Responsiveness

Moral Recovery for the Common Good

Excellence in Education and Continuing Development towards Global Competitiveness


  1. The College of Hospitality and Tourism Management provides equal educational opportunities to all, regardless of socio-economic, cultural, religious, and geographical backgrounds, enabling everyone to pursue their aspirations and contribute to global industry growth.
  2. Design and implement comprehensive training programs for skill development in customer service, leadership, problem-solving, adaptability, critical thinking, technological proficiency, and industry specific knowledge, equipping graduates with the essential skills for global competitiveness.
  3. Fostering a positive and professional mindset in students, emphasizing ethics, cultural sensitivity, customer focus, and continuous learning while cultivating a global perspective, adaptability to industry changes, and a passion for innovation.
  4. Establish partnerships with industry stakeholders and regularly assess and evaluate the curriculum and training programs against industry trends, ensuring graduates meet global industry demands.
  5. To promote critical thinking, analytical skills, and knowledge acquisition through student research, fostering academic growth, and contributing to knowledge advancement in respective fields.

Programs Offered

Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management
Bachelor of Science in Tourism Management
Associate in Hospitality Management

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