A center committed to global excellence in Nursing and Midwifery Education.


To produce a highly competent and employable graduate who possesses the necessary knowledge, skills, values, and attitude befitting a professional nurse and a midwife globally.


Holistic Development


Maximized Learning

Educational Excellence


  1. To produce nursing and midwifery graduates equipped with the necessary knowledge, skills and attitude of a globally competitive professional nurses and midwives;
  2. To develop and strengthen the moral and ethical values befitting a professional nurse in a culturally sensitive environment;
  3. To provide the students opportunities to practice their profession intelligently with integrity;
  4. To establish linkages with other health agencies both local and international for our graduates to work once registered nurses and midwives;
  5. To create an environment for our students to grow in their professional, ethical, and personal areas;
  6. To teach the students in an optimum level and guide them in acquiring knowledge and expertise;
  7. To provide quality education through an updated research based curriculum, state of the art facilities and professionally advanced faculty;
  8. To develop students’ professional skills through extensive and comprehensive training and role modelling.

Programs Offered

Bachelor of Science in Nursing
Diploma in Midwifery