Advancing Knowledge and Empowering Communities through Globally Excellent Graduate Education.


To obtain excellence in producing knowledge for specialization, to be a star in his own line, and to serve with utmost abilities for success.


Interdisciplinary Approach

Regional Perspective

Global Impact Ethical Leadership

Research for Social Transformation


  1. Foster Intellectual Excellence: To cultivate in graduate students the capacity to advance knowledge and critical thinking through rigorous reflection, research, and innovative scholarship.
  2. Promote Proficiency and Commitment: To nurture in graduate students a deep commitment to and proficiency in the art and science of their respective fields or professions.
  3. Prepare Future Leaders: To equip graduate students with the knowledge, skills, and ethical values necessary to address complex challenges and assume leadership roles.

Programs Offered

Doctor of Philosophy in Administration and Supervision
Doctor of Education in Educational Management
Master of Arts in Administration and Supervision
Master of Arts in Elementary Education
Master of Arts in English
Master of Arts in Filipino
Master of Arts in Guidance Counseling
Master of Arts in Mathematics
Master of Arts in Pre-Elementary Education
Master of Arts in Home Economics
Master in Business Administration
Master in Public Administration