Mr. and Ms. CCJE 2022: Macadaeg and Caballero

Mr. and Ms. CCJE 2022: Macadaeg and Caballero

Ruby Rose G. Kimayong


Nelson Macadaeg and Jana Caballero were crowned as Mr. and Miss College of Criminal Justice Education 2022- 2023 last November 22, at Baguio Central University

Auditorium, Magsaysay Campus.

A total of 9 candidates, 5 males, and 4 females competed in the said event, but only two of them captured the title for Mr. and Ms. Criminology 2022.

On the other hand, the second runners-up were Hans

Aljun Carrera and Jasmin Balagot, and the first runners-up were Jason Laoyan and Princess Lea Carl Nicolas.

For the special awards, Mr. and Ms.Congeniality were given to Aldren Morley and Eunice Janna Caballero. Another special award was given to Ace Enrique and Jasmin Balagot for the People’s Choice Award, while Mr. and Ms. Winsome Smile were awarded to Carrera and Nicolas.

Aside from the special awards, a minor award was also given to Enrique and Caballero as the Best in Production Number. Caballero seized the Best in Casual Attire, Best in Professional Attire, and Best in Talent, while Laoyan got the Best in Professional Attire, and Best in Talent.

Further, minor awards were also given to Carrera and   Nicolas.

The judges of the said event were Ms. Sheryl Langwas, Mr. Ramon Kindipan Jr., and Mr. Jeferson Fianitog.